Eye Lashes Extension

Eyelashes Extension

We specialize in “Classic” (1 lash to 1 lash) and “Volume” (3d-6d) semi-permanent eyelash extensions. We use only superior quality, synthetic mink and silk lashes as well one of the highest quality, low fume lash adhesives in the industry.

Our classic lash sets take 90-120 min for the initial application. Your classic lash refills are 60 min and are recommended within 21 days of your full set. For a fuller or more dramatic appearance you may want to try our volume technique application. Volume lash sets are extremely tedious, taking 120-180 min for the initial set. Volume lash refills start at 90 minutes and are also required within 21 days of your initial application.

The lash extensions simply shed with the natural lash and does not interrupt the growth cycle in any way.

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