Tattoo Removal

The Tattoo Removal method used is a non-Laser technique developed in the early 1990’s to reverse micropigmentation or permanent Makeup (mainly tattooed eyebrows). This technique is also use to remove body tattoos since the mid 1990’s.

Compared with various LASER methods and other tattoo removal methods, it is a more effective, non­-color selective, less painful, safer and a much less expensive method. This Tattoo Removal Technique is a useful tool to reverse micropigmentation, such as; permanent eyebrow removal, lip color removal and body tattoos.

Permanent makeup removal can be done in as little as 1 treatment session. Body tattoo pigments are significantly deeper in the skin, to minimize scarring risks it usually takes 3-7 treatment sessions for removal of body tattoos.

• Non-color selective (any color can be removed)
• Simple, effective and less scarring
• Quick – usually takes less than an hour to remove permanent makeup or    small tattoos
• Far less expensive compared to laser methods
• Much less pain or discomfort compared to laser methods, particularly for    removal of permanent makeup on facial area.